Vin + Omi are Fashion and Multi Media Designers who work internationally. Their fashion work spans film, television, music and one-off creations.


Studio Vin + Omi also designs products, public artworks and large scale projects and acts as Creative Directors on a range of  international projects and collaborations.




Vin has a background in sculpture working mainly with experimental materials; he exhibits, and is collected, worldwide. He also is Director of a public art agency and renowned Arts Consultant to many institutions such as the Royal Historical Palaces. Omi started his career as a celebrity, artistic and fashion photographer before co-founded a newspaper in his native Singapore winning awards for his journalistic news coverage.


In their first year as an experimental collaboration, the duo were invited to launch Creative London in 2004 under the label Squirky and showed a collection of high end fashion latex garments. They went on to develop a new latex hybrid fabric and accessories range and received an award from The National Endowment for Science and Technology. Vin + Omi soon were working on collections for many fashion labels challenging the concept of wearable fashion and developing the role of latex in wearable collections.


They went on to develop strong connections with the film and music industry in the USA and have designed clothing for many major creative figures including Kate Moss, Miley Cyrus, Debbie Harry and Beyonce, and worked on a wide range of creative projects including designing a  making a range of outfits for the Ab Fab Movie.  Their work is shown and archived in museums internationally.

Today, Vin + Omi's works spans product design, art and design and consultation internationally. They are currently working on projects in Dubai, the USA and Europe. But first and foremost their passion is ... fashion.


Vin and Omi Management and Consultancy also offers creative and operational direction and support to select creative businesses. We work with the fashion music and art industries incorporating business psychology, financial and marketing expertise and creative overviews and analyses. Our current projects also creatively support new bands and recording artists.