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Vin and Omi have supported Sightsavers, as individuals, with donations for many years, we cannot imagine the handicap sight loss can bring. We aim to do as much as possible to aid Sightsavers in their quest to restore sight to at risk individuals. The facts that there are 285 millionpeople in the world who are blind or visually impaired and 80% of this is treatable are a tough fact to forget.


In donating our design for the shirt we brainstormed what would be most appropriate. We were taken by the variation of colors in people’s eyes and worked with abstract color combinations to create a spherical design that looks almost 3D. It symbolizes a globe of millions of colors that can be seen with full sight and highlights that even though we all have different irises, we all see through the same mechanism.


After designing the shirt we realized that the great photographer Rankin’s work Eyescapes may have been in the back of our minds as it was such a great exhibition. It is even more fitting as Rankin has already done exceptional work in supporting Sighsavers so we feel honored to follow in his footsteps.


The shirt we have designed is printed on a great fabric from recycled bottles by the USA company Rethink Fabrics and is made in Guatemala providing local employment.”