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VIN + OMI have directed and produced a very personal music video in collaboration with  USA actress and musician Ruby Modine (daughter of actor Matthew Modine). The project combines Ruby’s beautiful rendition of ‘ As Tears Go By with a sensitive film shot by the design duo . The project is to raise awareness of Asperger Syndrome.


Living in a Bubble is a video through the eyes of Omi who has Asperger Syndrome. It highlights the daily challenge he and others with the condition go through every day.


Omi is one half of fashion brand VIN + OMI. Fashion is a very social industry which challenges and provokes. This is a particularly difficult challenge for an Asperger sufferer.


Because it is an illness that has no physical appearance, People affected with Asperger’s are often misjudged. The symptoms also vary between each person; it can manifest itself as poor social judgement  and understanding and can have side conditions such as dyslexia or depression.


The video is shot mainly underwater, a place which is devoid of social interaction and a place where his thoughts can be heard without any outside noise. When Omi heard Ruby Modine’s version of "As Tears Go By", he was inspired by her soulful voice and the poignancy of the track. It inspired him to make a  film about his illness and to help raise awareness for Research Autism, the leading UK research charity for the disease.