Research and development

Studio VIN + OMI have a rolling programme of research and development

We have ongoing research programmes looking at textile development, social impact and circular economies, global trends in garment and textile production, plant based textile development and eco and sustainable textile innovation.

Research is in-house and working alongside key research departments

To date our textile innovation includes pioneering work in recycling ocean waste to rPET in 2004, the development of ethical, organic and sustainable programmes of latex production in Malaysia, development of a range of UK plant based hybrid fabrics, development of UK mushroom and chestnut leather. Our latest project examined the way county estates and large landowners could utilise their waste nettles etc, via this research we have developed a new to market nettle fabric, made from the nettles on Prince Charles’ estate which was showcased in 2019

Our social impact programmes always start with research, this has aided developing new ways of recycling and providing community recycling programmes that provide new garments and textiles from local clean up schemes. Research enables us to target the suitable areas globally for scheme introduction and helps identify ways in which a circular project could be hampered, for example inadequate recycling facilities or government legislation.

Our mission is to educate, innovate and provide new solutions to a global crisis in a creative way via circular economy programmes that benefit communities and leave a local legacy. Often the outcome of this project are new textiles, garments and new ways of thinking that can help aid the survival of our planet.

Applications to join our research department should identify your area of interest and provide a CV . Apply to : [email protected]