Studio VIN + OMI have two main areas to their consultancy :

Eco / Sustainability / Ethical

We work as international consultants across a broad area of industries. Some of the areas we work in include

Eco and Sustainable action plans for businesses at any stage of implementing their sustainability policies. This includes the evaluation of existing policies.

Development of creative sustainable and eco business plans in context with marketing and PR programmes to ensure any new sustainable interventions are announced effectively

Consultation within the design industry

Creative Consultation

We have a broad range of design consultation and creative sustainable consultation . Areas include:

Implementation and development of art programmes, art installations and public art all with eco and sustainable processes and end results in mind

Creative programmes and collaborations to enhance the sustainability of the client business.

Interior design. We have a wide range of sustainable interior design projects in our portfolio ranging from hotels, to private houses to public buildings. We advise on a range of design options for buildings down to single pieces of furniture

Sustainable product design. We approach all product design sustainability embedded in the process through to finish design

Brand development and consultation . To date we have advised over 60 companies on brand development

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