“We are not just a fashion label, we are an ideology” ~ Vin + Omi 

VIN + OMI are award winning fashion and multi media designers who work internationally.

They are previous recipients of a NESTA award for their innovation in fashion, research and their unique business models. 

Focusing on sustainable approaches to business, design and textiles through eco innovations and social impacts makes VIN + OMI one of the leading pioneering eco fashion brands today.

“Thought is the new luxury” ~ Vin + Omi

The underlining VIN + OMI design signature plays on conceptual and innovative cuts, contemporary approaches and has a strong nod to music and pop culture. 

VIN + OMI's distinct style mixes strong prints, bold silhouettes and wide ranging textures alongside impactfulslogans. It is strongly  influenced by current social and environmental issues. 

“London’s Eco Label” BBC 

Campaigns often run alongside their work. VIN + OMI recently developed the Stop Fucking The Planet campaign with Blondie’s Debbie Harry 

“ I think they have a great purpose and a great focus in trying to make these sustainable fabrics that are part of the future “ - Debbie Harry 

VIN + OMI produces ready to wear collections and limited edition drops throughout the year. Their designs have been worn by a range of artists and public figures including Kate Moss, Charlie XCX, Miley Cyrus, Beyonce, Lady Gaga, Pamela Anderson and Michelle Obama.

Since 2004 VIN + OMI have developed  12 unique to market textiles focussing on the best way, the right way, based on sustainable, eco-processes, which they use in their work. 

They always focus on social impact with benefits  going back to the source or community. Their work has a core of common sense. Most of their textile developments and business models are circular.

“Fashion’s Eco Warriors waging war on plastics” The Guardian 

VIN + OMI textiles and processes include : 

Development of a range of rPET textiles from silk-like finishes to wool. VIN + OMI’s rPET is  made from salvaged plastic. They primarily source river and ocean clean up projects internationally.  VIN + OMI also develop their own clean - up initiatives. 

No - kill fleece: We use fleece obtained from pet llama, alpaca and sheep who live on smallholdings in the UK . These animals live out their natural lifespan. 

“One’s to watch” WWD 

Sustainable - eco latex: VIN + OMI produce our own latex fabric sourced from a VIN + OMI funded rubber plantation in Malaysia. The small village that works on the plantation survives from the proceeds of the rubber harvesting. The trees are 'milked' to extract the rubber and are not destroyed. The natural latex sheeting produced has other natural ingredients added to produce a more elastic, yet breathable, biodegradable latex. 

They have pioneered the development of chestnut 'leather' made from the skins of the chestnut and horse chestnut. This animal leather substitute is durable and waterproof. Natural pigment is added to product a range of colours. 

At VIN + OMI R & D studio’s in the middle of the English countryside we also grow a range of crops and plants for textile development. VIN + OMI have developed hybrid fabrics with a range of plants, including; nettles, flax, fireweed, cow parsley, horseradish and more.

Studio VIN + OMI also work on Interior Design projects, films, Creative Direction and consultancy internationally. We also work with other designers including Dior and Louis Vuitton and have over 60 collaborative projects to date.

“Stop Fucking The Planet” … VIN + OMI